10 Nov

So here’s what I know happens when we ask for something: God always says YES! And it doesn’t always look like what we have decided it should. And sometimes it does. And it doesn’t always come when we think it should. And sometimes it does. This consistent inconsistency that is the nonlinear path of God (though it is really very linear if you think about it) is what keeps us wondering about the what, when, how, where, how, if, how, how, how, when, when, when of the manifestation and demonstration of our desire. Did I mention “how”? We always think we need to know “how” in order for it to happen, and we become attached to a certain outcome. Then, something demonstrates that looks a little wonky, and we ask “why?” What I know is that the answer to both the “how” and the “why” is: “Spirit knows.” Spirit knows the “how,” and the answer to “why” is always “because you asked.” Everything that happens is an answer to something we have asked for. Everything.

We are the co-creators of our lives, and God is a very delighted and powerful partner. If you think of your life as a corporation, you are the CEO, deciding the intention, mission, goals of your life. God is your manager! You say “I want this,” and God says “okay!” Then your job as the CEO is to solidify your vision, hold the joyous feeling of it, and release the details into the trustworthy hands of your manager, who knows just what It is doing. God has the overall picture that you don’t, and knows just how to coordinate the when, where, what, who, hows of everything on the “to do” list.

I have been noticing recently that this process seems to have sped up to what I call the Speed of Spirit. Many, many people are experiencing an exponential leap in energy and manifestation around their intentions and desires. We create an intention, have a vision, and think “that is a good goal for a year from now.” But it is my current experience that the cosmic consciousness seems to have no patience for long-term goals. The answer I have been getting is: “Why wait? How about NOW?” Suddenly opportunities, resources, openings appear that put the manifestation of our intention right in front of us, in the present moment, not the future. And suddenly we are faced with a decision: “Is this really what I want?” “Am I willing and ready to step into this now?”

We are all being called to our highest and best selves. The shifting paradigms, the cosmic expansion of consciousness, is moving FAST! God is asking that we step into our greatness now, that we willingly release our blocks to our good, step through our fears, and leap into the chasm of our greater next becoming…NOW! It can be frightening, unsettling, uncomfortable. AND when we are able to move past the fear voices of the ego and hear the whisper (sometimes shout) of our inner voice –  that intuitive murmuring that is always speaking, that is the call of Spirit – there is no hesitation. There is only one possible answer: YES. When God says YES to us and we say YES to God, there is no other course to follow. We sacredly accept that God believes in our courage, strength and capability. We BREATHE, surrender to Spirit’s supreme perspective, and leap.

So, take a breath, knowing it is God breathing you; spread your wings and surrender into the Call, claiming: “I am willing, I am capable, I am ready.” You will soon realize there is nothing to fear in stepping off the edge. You will soon remember that you already know how to fly.

In Sacred Self-Acceptance and Divine Grace, Namaste.

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