24 May

We often disregard quieter forms of informative nudges from Spirit, so when it becomes crucial, God talks through our body because we are very aware of what feels good and what doesn’t. It gets our attention better than anything else. I have known for years that God speaks to me through my body, and during the past several weeks, God has been sending me some very important messages.They are clearly important because the pain has been big, almost excruciating at times. Big pain is good in that I tend to listen quickly; it’s bad because it’s hard to discern meaning without resistance when one is in physical pain. It took a little while for me to see through the haze of discomfort, but once I stopped resisting the messages, I began the process of intuitively listening for their meaning.

As I set off down the path of discovering the root causes of my pain, I knew I needed to open a direct conversation with my body. I have always felt very connected to the ancient goddess, Venus of Willendorf. Her body type is much like my own, and I feel safe being enveloped in the Goddess energy of fertility, creativity, abundance, and reverence. So, when I opened this very deep dialogue, it was like speaking to and from her. But Venus of Willendorf is pretty cumbersome for intimate conversing. So, I shortened it to V.

In our earliest exchanges, it became clear that my first and most crucial step was acceptance. When we ask for something in our lives, Spirit responds first by showing us what needs to heal in order to open the pathway to manifestation. Since I just wrote a book on sacred acceptance  (“I Am Who I Am: Sacredly Accepting my Body Temple,”), it wasn’t difficult for me to see that I was being asked to love myself as God loves me… even in constant, unrelenting pain. V was begging to be heard and accepted.

To the best of my ability, I have been releasing the resistance and just trying to listen. Each step has led me to another care practitioner, each one bringing a new level of understanding, which you may hear more about in future blogs. For now, I just continue to remember that, although it may occasionally be required, it is not a foregone conclusion that we only pay attention to the two-by-four to the head. We must develop more awareness and mindfulness about listening to Spirit so we can hear the message when it is still a whisper, rather than awaiting the foghorn. And so it is.

Blessings, love and acceptance from Me and V
“I Am Who I Am: Sacredly Accepting My Body Temple”

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