The Beginning of the Beginning
12 Dec


I am happy to invite you to the Beginning of the Beginning of my blog journey by introducing you to my new Author Website for my book “I Am Who I Am: Sacredly Accepting My Body Temple.” You can access this website for blog updates, book orders, speaker bookings, and comments at You can also find more about me and my other book, “Change How You See, Not How You Look: Power Tools for Celebrating Your Body,” at my umbrella website:

I will be posting blogs as regularly as my schedule allows, and will be sharing pieces and bits of my book with you here. However, I highly encourage you to get your own copy: hardback, paperback or e-book, whichever serves your life best. Because serving your best life is what this journey is about.

When you remember that you are perfect as you are, that you are One with something bigger, and that you belong to all the rest of us on the planet, it’s hard not to have a good life. Each of us is a unique expression of the Universal Energy and there is no one else like us… no one with the same mind, values, understanding, skills, talents, sense of humor, or physical body temple. All of who you are is exactly as it should be in any given moment. Your desires, thoughts and beliefs create that atmosphere, and it can be anything you want. No one gets to tell you that you aren’t enough, aren’t worthy, aren’t important, aren’t fabulous! You are all those things! And so is everyone else. The creation of that comes from within and is in partnership with Spirit.

“What we believe and think creates our life experiences. In other words, our beliefs about life tend to draw into our lives experiences that support those beliefs. Like attracts like. If you think fat is bad, all sorts of things will show up to confirm that belief. If you think fat is fabulous, then those things that support that view will show up in your life. Our own energy vibration goes out and attracts similar vibrations and our whole lives become self-fulfilling prophesies.” (“I Am Who I Am,” p. 37)

“I Am Who I Am” helps you move into knowing this truth about your body temple, no matter what the existing cultural or societal paradigm may be, and shifts you into sacred acceptance. Sacred Acceptance is merely accepting and loving yourself as Spirit loves you.

All the external machinations about body image and appearance and behavior… are external; outside of you. They have no meaning except what you give them. They have no power except what you assign them. It’s time to tell a new story… a truer story… a better story. Let’s do it together!

Blessings, gratitude and love,
Alison xo

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